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Sandblasting private – Cleaning, Coating, Painting

Rims, car body and small parts

Depending on contamination and material density, several methods can be used: Manual blasting either with dry ice, steel shot or glass beads.

After sandblasting, it is possible to get priming, painting or powder coating (see RAL table) done here.
It is also possible to get sandblasting done without further processing, but in this case, it should noted that the parts must be processed further by you within a very short time (approx. 24 hours), since the protective layer is no longer present and the processed parts may become tarnished again.

For various wooden parts, for example, wagon wheels, turned posts or garden pond bridges, coatings or glazes are available in different colours.


Garden furniture / Fencing parts

Car body and motorcycle parts

Small parts

Paint / Glaze examples