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Sandblasting and surface treatment

of metal sheets, pipes, profile steel, containers and accessories

Our experience

The beginnings of our company based in Berenbostel in Hannover go all the way back to the 50's. Since these pioneering days, cleaning and coating operations have been carried out by our qualified personnel using the safest and most modern methods.

Our focus is on the surface treatment of metal sheets, pipes, profile steel, containers and accessories from the ship, metal and steel, as well as the oil and gas industries.

Since 1 August 1990 SAKON has been operating as a sandblasting and preservation limited liability company under technical and organisational obligations. For us, quality, punctual delivery and customer service are the key prerequisites for a successful collaboration.

Sakon Sandblasting Industry

Our technique

With our continuous feed systems we work on:

  • Sheets up to a size of 3x16 m, on one or both sides
  • Tubes up to 508mm in outer diameter and 15 m long
  • Profiles up to 500mm in height and 15m in length
  • Individual pieces weighing up to 12 tonnes

Sandblasting is used to clean and prepare a variety of surfaces, which later helps with the adhesion of the paint or finishes. To protect the blasted surfaces we can mechanically apply standard temporary shipyard base coats according to customer requirements. Complete coating systems are available upon request, e.g. AGI Q 151 for cooling and heat conduction.

Final coating as per RAL and Munsell can be applied using the airless / airmix method according to customer specifications.

Blasting of precious metal and structural parts can be carried out in our manual blasting cabins.

  • Glass beads
  • Steel grit
  • Ice blasting (cleaning of surfaces)
  • Unit weights up to 5t or e.g. 40 m³ Container

Unloading, movement and loading of pipes takes place by means of magnetic lifting equipment or forklifts with hold-down clamp.

The internal transport and loading operations are carried out by means of fork and side loaders up to individual weights of 8t.

All SAKON GmbH systems conform with the current state of the art and are operated in accordance with the applicable regulations in an environmentally friendly manner.

For the future

We place the utmost importance on the satisfaction of our customers. Therefore, we will continue to optimise and work further on the processing of orders in the future as well.

At our company, we guarantee the best and most reliable technology for surface treatment. We are also constantly working on the systematisation of preventive maintenance to maximise machine runtimes continuously.