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Internal transport

The internal transport and loading operations are carried out by means of forklifts and side loaders up to an individual weight of 8 tonnes. For this purpose, different front and side loaders are available.

Still Frontloader R 70 – 80, 8 tonnes
Hundai Frontloader 80 D – 7 E, 8 tonnes
Baumann Side loader BX 60 – 14 – 40, 6 tonnes
Jumbo Side loader J–SH  50 – 14 – 40, 5 tonnes
Dan Track Frontloader 8445 MD, 3,3 tonnes
Hundai Frontloader Electric 30 BHA-7 AC
Still Frontloader Electric R 60-25

External transportation

For external transportation, we use a sprinter (600 kg max. load), a transporter (600 kg max. load) and an Iveco transporter (3700 kg max. load) with tarpaulin-covered loading area. Furthermore a trailer with a max. capacity of 2000 kg is also available.

Special transports

In the extraction and processing of crude oil and natural gas NORM (Naturally Occurring radioactive materials) contamination occurs in the form of deposits in riser pipes, gas field equipment and other plant parts. We provide a vehicle specifically designed for the disposal of this slightly radioactive waste, and have also developed special transport containers for this purpose. Of course, all the employees required for such tasks (sender, loader, packer, filler, unloader) are trained and instructed by our safety advisers. Beside the ADR certificate, drivers deployed for this purpose have also absolved the advanced class 7 course (transport of radioactive materials) in accordance with Section 8.2 of ADR.